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      Yanko Sp. z.o.o. is a medium-sized private company founded in 1990. Initially, it dealt with distribution and trafficking in packaging.

      Yanko is currently manufacturing dozens of different kinds of packaging. For production processes we use high quality films and papers. We have modern flexography printing and packaging machinery to manufacturing ready packaging.

      Our customers are mostly producers of food and industrial stuffs.
In 2003, we implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2000 which up to this day works in our factory. We have implemented HACCP system. We are currently introducing standard BRC IoP certification.
      In our activities, we can boast of many successes. In 2003 during the International Exhibition of Packaging Technology and Logistics TAROPAK-POZNAN we won "Gold Medal" of International Fair for the plastic bags with "euro hanger".

      From many years Yanko belongs to the elite Business Gazelles Club and the Association of Polish Fleksography.  We received the Certificate  of Reliable Company of the Podkarpackie Province." Many times.

      Many years of our experience, complexity of service and a wide selection gave us a strong position in the packaging market in Poland and abroad.




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