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Information about graphic preparation.

Information about graphic preparation.

For project design with a flexographic technique please follow guidelines below.

Main flexo project guidelines:

  1. All projects must be in CMYK profile color (+ Pantone Solid Coated colors if needed).
  2. Used bitmaps/photos/full color graphics must be CMYK/grayscale, 300 dpi, attach source and all linked files (Package from Illustrator).
  3. Do not use the text less than 7 points (Arial)
  4. Use of text - text must be cuved/outlines, preferably in one color, overprinted (black)
  5. Avoid choosing multiclor background text – use text outlines (black/Pantone best)
  6. Lines, outlines - minimum 0,3 mm
  7. Every gradient color used in filling cannot be below 3% each of its value (for ex. top value: C30 M3 Y100 K20 - below value: C3 M3 Y3 K3).
  8. EAN bar code size minimum ~ 40 mm x 20 mm, the protection area (white box) bigger.
  9. Avoid using gradient/raster in Pantone colors.
  10. Mark transparent areas.
  11. Attach jpg/pdf for preview.

We accept files:

  1. Source files – in Corel Draw X3 or below .CDR, Adobe Illustrator CC (preferred CS5) - all formats saved with text changed to curves/outlines on layers.
  2. Logos and graphic marks in CMYK/Pantone in vector format.
  3. Bitmap files as TIFF, JPG, PSD with 300dpi resolution, CMYK/Grayscale.


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