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      We print on various substrates depending on the requirements of the obverse or the reverse.
Flexo Printing technique performed up to 8 colors on the following bases:

  • Polypropylene foil (OPP, PP), transparent, pearly and metallic foil
  • Polietylene foil  (PE) – transparent and white one.
  • Poliestric foil (PET) – transparent, metallic
  • Twisted foil (of different kinds)  - transparent, metallic and white foil
  • PAPE foil
  • AL/PAP, AL/PAP/PE  laminate (to butter and lard packaging)
  • Layer paper PE (PAP/PE)
  • Wrapping paper, bleached paper, LWC

Our products are used for:

- confectionery products (cakes, sweets, bars etc.)

- industrial products ( cutlery, household goods, disposables, stationery etc.)

- meat products

- dairy products

- cosmetics

- loose products (groats, rice, pasta, coffee etc.)

- snacks (crisps, popcorn, savoury sticks etc.)

- frozen food, ice cream

- others

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