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Two modern flexography machines (up to 6 and 8 colors) in gear-less system make diversity prints. The basic print’s parameters:

-          The printed width up to 900mm

-          Max. transition substrate 1050mm

-          Max. print speed 200m/min

-          The scope of report 300-580 mm

-          Control printed system  - BST Premius Digital



Modern, low-expenditure lamination works on the basis of anti-dissolve glue makes economic manufacture even small laminate duplex and triplex expenditures.

-max. laminating width 1150mm.



- cutting preparing manufacture up to 1600mm width

- confection up to 1300mm width (12-100 microns)



 Enlarged machine park enables manufacturing  different foil packaging and laminating (flat, folded, with EURO hole with hanger, vacuum, for automatic packing).

Depends on:

-          Width: 30-600mm

-          Length: 60-600mm.


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