Our company specializes in the production of various types of bags. We produce them from mono foil as well as from various types of laminates depending on clients needs and the product to be packed. Our employees will help you choose the right form of the bag and material so the packaged product will look good and be safe.

We produce:

Bags with EURO hanger – perfect for presenting goods in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Thanks to their construction, they make the whole product visible. These bags are suitable for packaging various products. They are characterized by simplicity, due to their structure they shorten the time of packing the product (they are ready-made package, without needs to join with printed cardboard). They can be closed with adhesive tape on flap, welded or produced for the semi-automatic packaging system – YANKOPACK-BMS.

Flat bags, with bottom fold, self-adhesive tape. Depending on the client’s needs, we make them in various sizes and using different materials. It all depends on what the customer wants to pack, wheter the product should be clearly visible or the packaging should increased resistance to mechanical damage, whether the product is to remain long fresh and many other possibilities. Our employees provide you with help and advice on the best packaging variant.

Vacuum bags. These are bags exhibiting high resistance to mechanical damage through the use of rigid and thick laminate and with wide welds. These bags are ideal for packing frozen products through the use special foils that retain their properties even at low temperatures.

DOYPACK bags. These bags, due to the standing form (bottom fold), look very good on shops shelves. Most often they are closed with a ZIP which allows you to close and open the bag repeatedly. The foils used in the production allow for packaging even the most demanding products that require an appropriate barrier for oxygen, light or water vapor. Our employees will help you choose materials which provide that the packed product will be safe and durable.
NEWS! possibility of making DOYPACK made of PAP / LDPE laminate.