We print on various substrates depending on the requirements on the obverse or reverse side. Imprints are made by flexo technique up to 8 colors. We use the following materials:

  • polypropylene film (BOPP, CPP) transparent, pearlite, matt and metallized.
  • polyethylene film (LDPE) – transparent, white with a PEEL layer, ANTI FOG and EVOH barrier
  • polyester film (PET) transparent, matte and metallized with the ALOX barrier layer
  • twisted film (various types) – transparent, metallized, white
  • PAPE film
  • laminate AL / PAP, AL / PAP / PE (packaging for butter, lard)
  • PE coated paper (PAPA / PE)
  • wrapping paper, kraft paper, recycled paper, LWC and others.