Plumbing articles

The ideal packaging for plumbing products are pouches with a euro hanger.

These bags can be closed with a self-adhesive tape or welded on the bottom. Due to the unusual irregular shape of the product (pipes, fittings, siphons, water filters, etc.), it is necessary to adjust the form of the bag and the appropriate material. Euro bags can also be closed at the top, thanks to which we can create a gusset in the bottom of the bag, which will significantly increase the packaging surface. An important element is also the appropriate selection of the film, mainly using foils with high elasticity are polypropylene not oriented (CPP) and polyethylene, in various thickness variants. In hanger we apply a special thick insert which is designed to stiffen the hanger part so that it shows increased resistance to weight. On both types of film, we can make flexographic printing up to 8 colors.