Packaging for groceries



Meat needs adequate protection to preserve its quality for a longer time.

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opakowania na cukierki, lizaki

Sweets (candy, chocolate bars)

Packaging for sweets is a diverse group. Depending on the requirements that should be met, we can offer products for packaging candy bars, cookies, candies and the like.

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The basic characteristic of cottage cheese is their short, just a few days long, durability.

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wyroby piekarnicze

Bakery products

Bakery products are one of the basic products that reign supreme in every kitchen.

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Many people can not imagine life without salty snacks between the main meals.

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Cereal products (pasta, groats, rice, etc.)

Pasta, groats or rice are one of the basic ingredients we use in the kitchen. We use them for soups, sauces, salads.

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Frozen food

Freezing food is a great way to save time and money and extend product shelf life.

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woreczki flow-pack


Coffee is an inseparable part of the daily routine and the hope for a little pleasure on a busy day.

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Dried fruit and grains

Dried fruit, seeds and nuts are a healthy and valuable snack.

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worek doypack

Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are added to dishes to enhance their taste, aroma and visual qualities.

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Ice cream

Ice cream is the perfect dessert for sunny days – naturally refresh, have a pleasant taste and consistency.

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opakowania na słodycze

Dietary supplements and organic products

These products are gaining new fans every year. We reach for organic products and dietary supplements with the hope that they will improve the body, speed up treatment or improve the appearance.

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Ready meals

The increasing pace of life makes us more willingly reach for ready meals.

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