The basic characteristic of cottage cheese is their short, just a few days long, durability. The reasons for this should be seen on the one hand in the composition of the product, which is an excellent medium for microorganisms, on the other hand, in the type of packaging, which is not always a good protection against microbiological and chemical contamination as well as mechanical damage.

The protective role of packaging depends to a large extent on its type. The use of an appropriate barrier in the packaging protects and extends the durability of the product, and thus the expiration date from a few to several days from the date of production.
Too low barrier of the packaging material in relation to the permeability of water vapor and oxygen is the cause of, among others, reduction of nutritional value, sensory changes, oxidation of vitamin, dyes and fat.
The packaging that we manufacture takes into account all these factors aimed at ensuring that the packed product does not change its properties.
Our offer includes paper and foil packaging in various configurations for manual packaging of products as well as for roll and flow pack machines.